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What Is Bribery?

Bribery occurs when a person of influence, usually government employees or public officials, accept gifts in exchange for action or favorable treatment. This can include accepting goods or property, receiving certain privileges, or even being awarded government contracts. You can be charged with bribery if you are involved with either side of the unlawful transaction, whether you are the person offering the bribe or the recipient of the gift.

Should I Hire a Bribery Attorney?

If you have accused of accepting or offering a bribe, you should hire an attorney right away, regardless of whether or not you are guilty. Bribery is a serious charge that could come with severe consequences. An attorney who understands the law and has experience with representing cases involving bribery  will greatly increase your chances of being found innocent or receiving a reduced sentence.

Hire an attorney to fight for you in court and protect your legal rights. Search for a local bribery attorney in your area today.

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