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Financial Elder Abuse

When older people are cheated out of their money or property through illegal or deceptive means, they may be the victims of financial elder abuse. This type of abuse can be perpetrated by family members or strangers, and can often have devastating financial consequences. The elderly are among the most vulnerable among us, and many states have enacted laws to make financial abuse a crime. In addition to criminal prosecution, people can protect themselves against elder law abuse by retaining the services of an elder law attorney.

How Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys Can Help

Attorneys are bound by strict ethical rules to act in the best interest of their clients, and any deviation from that standard could result in career ending discipline from the attorney’s licensing authority. An attorney who specializes in protecting older people from financial elder abuse can help in many ways, including:

  • Reviewing any potential business ventures that a person may be considering
  • Establishing a trust or other legal entity to protect an elder’s assets
  • Managing an elder’s financial matters
  • Suing anyone who has engaged or attempted to engage in financial elder abuse

These are just some of the ways that an attorney may be able to help prevent or rectify financial elder abuse. If you have been the victim of this type of abuse, a lawsuit may allow you to recover the money or property that has been taken from you, any attorney’s fees incurred, as well as punitive damages in some cases.

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