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Racketeering is operating a business or enterprise that generates profits from fraud, extortion, bribery, exploitation, or other unlawful means.
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act adopted in 1970, commonly known as RICO, is an antiracketeering body of law designed to dismantle widespread organized crime. Those convicted under this statute are punished by lengthy imprisonment sentences, significant fines, and seizure of gains obtained unlawfully.

Should I Hire an Antiracketeering Attorney?

If you are investigated for a RICO offense or facing RICO charges, it is imperative that you immediately seek legal counsel from an attorney who is qualified in RICO laws and experienced defending RICO cases with good results. Acting quickly is important to protect your rights.

What Can an Antiracketeering Attorney Do?

In representing your best interest, your attorney can take a number of important steps even while the authorities continue their investigation and develop evidence. For example, your attorney can advise you not to talk with authorities because anything you say can be used against you.
In pretrial proceedings, your attorney under law is allowed to know all the evidence against you and how that evidence was obtained. Your attorney can bring motions to prevent certain evidence from being used at trial and suppressing evidence that was obtained unlawfully.
The government must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to win a conviction. Your attorney will conduct an independent investigation to develop evidence that may cause a jury to have a reasonable doubt as to your guilt. Your attorney also will work to develop evidence that is beneficial to you, such as any mitigating circumstances. Your attorney will defend you at trial by challenging the statements of witnesses and the validity of evidence.
Should you be convicted, your attorney will represent you at sentencing and argue for a lesser sentence based on any mitigating evidence or favorable witness statements.
If you choose, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to have the charges reduced as part of a plea bargain. However, if that is an option you would be interested in taking, it must be raised before a jury or a judge determines the outcome of your case.   

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