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Bank Burglary Defense

Burglary is generally defined as illegally entering into bank property for the purpose of committing an illegal offense. Forcibly taking money from a bank while it is open is robbery, while bank burglarization involves breaking into the bank while it is closed. Although burglarizing a bank is a federal felony, people who commit this crime are prosecuted under the laws of the state in which the burglary took place. Obtaining quality legal representation is vital for protecting your rights. The potential consequences of bank burglary include incarceration, fines, probation, and the loss of your civil rights.

How a Bank Burglary Defense Attorney Can Help

There are many ways in which a bank burglary defense attorney can challenge bank burglary allegations against you. People who are accused of crimes are entitled to certain procedural protections, and the Constitution limits the ways in which the government can collect evidence and investigate crimes.

Even before a trial, your attorney could potentially defend you by cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses and raising objections to the introduction of evidence and testimony and filing motions challenging the prosecution or a judge’s ruling. Any favorable rulings on the suppression of evidence or the successful impeachment of a witness could possibly result in the case against you being dropped.

What to Disclose to Your Bank Burglary Defense Attorney

Your attorney will thoroughly discuss the case with you. All conversations with your lawyer are privileged so anything you tell your lawyer is private and confidential.

Your attorney will evaluate the strength and pitfalls of the government’s case, develop a legal theory in your defense, summon witnesses to mitigate factual circumstances, and introduce evidence that may weaken the prosecution’s case.

If you choose not to stand trial, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce the length of the sentence and the amount of the fine, should a fine be imposed.

To ensure you have the best defense possible you need an assertive attorney who is thoroughly knowledgeable in burglary law in the state where the bank burglary occurred.

Should you Retain a Bank Burglary Attorney?

Anyone who is accused of bank burglary should retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case against you and advise you how he or she believes you should proceed. In addition, your attorney may be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain with the state, should you choose not to go to trial. Because the stakes are so high in bank burglary cases, it is important to hire an attorney who understands how to defend against serious allegations and also understands the laws of your jurisdiction.

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