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What Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a special type of insurance that specifically protects businesses against operational losses. The specific type of loss and how the business is protected depends on the policy.

Types of Business Insurance

There are several types of business insurance you may consider for your business. Your business may need only one of these types, several of them, or all of them.

One of the most important types of business insurance is key person insurance. Key person insurance pertains to one crucial member of the company who is invaluable and whose loss would be catastrophic. This type of insurance pays if that person dies or is rendered unable to work for the company due to disability. There is also general liability insurance, which almost every business will want, and protects the company against liability claims such as lawsuits due to injury on the premises of the business or during manufacturing. Product liability insurance protects the company against claims based on faulty products the company manufactures and/or sells.

Business Insurance Attorneys

An experienced business insurance attorney can look at your business insurance coverage and help you determine if you have the protection you need. You’ll want to find this out now, instead of after an incident occurs that you are not covered for.

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