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Byetta and Links to Serious Health Issues

Several studies connecting Byetta to pancreatic and thyroid cancer began surfacing shortly after its introduction to the consumer marketplace in April of 2005. Many patients have come forward describing issues ranging from pancreatic inflammation to diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. In addition, studies have linked Byetta use to an increased risk in developing thyroid cancer, and the United States Federal Food and Drug Administration is requiring Byetta manufacturer Amylin Pharmaceuticals to conduct post-marketing studies to further investigate the link between Byetta and serious health risks.

Have Byetta Lawsuits Been Filed?

Yes. The first Byetta lawsuit was filed in 2008.  The plaintiff alleged that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings on the Byetta label.  Since then, many more Byetta lawsuits have been filed with each passing year.  Most of the plaintiffs have required hospitalization for their Byetta related injuries.  If you have suffered any injuries after taking Byetta, don’t hesitate to speak to a qualified Byetta attorney.  They will ensure that your rights are adequately represented.

Why Should I Hire a Byetta Attorney?

The pharmaceutical company that manufactured Byetta should be held accountable for any harm they have caused you or your loved ones. Attorneys are available to discuss your case and options as well as offer advice and help you determine what your legal options are. So if you or someone you know has taken the drug Byetta to treat type 2 diabetes and have subsequently been developed problems related to your pancreas or thyroid, you should contact an attorney soon to establish whether you have a claim for damages against the pharmaceutical company.

Byetta lawyers will help determine whether you have a valid legal claim against the manufacturer of Byetta and will advocate for your rights. They will evaluate your case and keep you up to date regarding Byetta lawsuits. Furthermore, Byetta lawyers will ensure that you are adequately compensated for your injuries.

You may be entitled to both compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries you have suffered as a result of taking the drug.

How Long will my Byetta Lawsuit Take?

Since each Byetta user has different circumstances it is difficult to estimate exactly how long your particular lawsuit will take. Length of time for your case depends on whether it goes to trial or settles prior to trial. Your case could take a few years to complete, but with the assistance of an experienced Byetta attorney on your side you can be sure they will assist and guide you from beginning to end while advocating on your behalf.

What Types of Information will a Byetta Lawyer Need from me?

Your attorney must be able to prove that you are entitled to medical bills, future or past wages, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering due to your injuries associated with Byetta. That being said, you will need to provide your attorney with any records you have kept, such as medical records, bills, time missed from work. or any other relevant documents or evidence that would help to support your claim of harm due to Byetta.

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