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What Is Employment Insurance?

Employment insurance, more commonly known as unemployment insurance, protects you if you lose your job. Unemployment insurance is mandated by the federal government, but administered by your state.

Eligibility for Employment Insurance

Not everyone is eligible for unemployment insurance. You will probably qualify for unemployment insurance if the following circumstances are met:

  • Your unemployment is not your fault, meaning you were released from your job for a reason other than quitting or negligence
  • You worked long enough at a qualifying job to earn benefits, meaning you met your state’s requirements for amount of weeks worked and wages earned.
  • Your state may have other specific requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits.

Employment Insurance Attorneys

If you think you have been denied unemployment benefits unfairly, you may have a claim against your employer. Your first step should be to consult an employment insurance attorney, who can review your case and help you determine whether or not you might have a legal claim for why you should receive unemployment benefits.

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