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Entertainer Visas

The United States provides visas for “qualified” entertainers to enter the United States to perform and bring their spouses and children with them. Two entertainer visa classifications exist under law, P and O, named for their separate sections in the United States Code.

To qualify for O, entertainers must have “extraordinary” ability or achievement in the arts. Section P is for entertainment groups that have achieved international recognition and perform under a reciprocal exchange program or a culturally unique program. Personnel who are important to the performance, lighting and sound technicians for example, also qualify for the P section.

Should I Hire an Entertainer Visa Attorney?

The entertainer visa application process requires an application and for the applicants to meet certain qualifications and restrictions to enter the U.S. and travel to various states where they need to be. Hiring an attorney experienced in this area of law is important to ensure you are granted entry into the U.S. and to prevent delays that could cause cancellations of booked performance dates.

What Does an Entertainer Visa Attorney Do?

Your attorney will guide you through the complicated process of entertainer visa laws and procedures to secure an entertainer visa.

To begin, your attorney will advise you of the time it usually takes to have an application approved and determine if you meet the qualifications under 8 U.S.C. § 1101 (O) or (P).

Your attorney will complete your application and provide the government with the supporting evidentiary documentation, such as the dates and places of your scheduled performances or media reviews of your performances.

Should the U.S. Immigration office require additional evidence in a Request for Evidence (RFE), your attorney can readdress the issue by or providing additional evidence to the government.

Attorneys in this area of law emphasize highly personal service and timely communication about the progress of your entertainer visa application.

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