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There are different murder charges, with first degree murder being just one of them. Murder is defined as the premeditated, or planned, unlawful killing of another human. In most cases, murder is punished as the most serious of all crimes, with first degree murder being the most serious type of murder.

Types of First Degree Murder

When one human kills another, there are several different charges that can be laid that are based on premeditation and intent. You will be charged with first degree murder if you intended to kill the other person, and also planned it. A second degree murder charge occurs when the killing isn’t planned in advance.

It is important to hire an experienced first degree murder attorney if you are facing this charge. As it is seen as the most serious of crimes, the punishment is also as severe. Depending on the state in which you are charged, you can be facing a life in prison term, or even the death penalty.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial, so if you have been charged with first degree murder, it is important to find an experienced criminal attorney who understands the laws of the jurisdiction in which you have been charged.

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