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The car manufacturer General Motors, also known as GM,  has been in the news a lot regarding deaths linked to faulty ignition switches. Sadly, the defective switches are linked to at least 13 deaths and reports indicate that some at GM were aware of the faulty switch, yet no recall was issued. 
While there have been personal injury lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer, there are now allegations of fraud. There are claims that they automaker was aware of the defect and fraudulently covered it up.

GM Ignition Switch Lawyers

The alleged fraudulent activity added to personal injury liability ia s cause for legal action. While there are lawsuits already filed, there is still time to seek legal assistance if you or a loved one was injured due to the GM faulty ignition switch.
A skilled attorney can help review your case and explain to you what you and your family’s options are against GM. Now is the time to act and seeking legal advice will empower you to make the right legal decision.  

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