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Insurance Fraud

Individuals are deceived by insurance companies or agents to collect on money that they aren’t entitled to. Insurance fraud also occurs when individuals misrepresent to an insurance company that they are entitled to insurance benefits or applying for an insurance policy. Insurance fraud occurs every day and examples include:

  • Life insurance fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Property insurance fraud such as arson
  • Health insurance fraud for individuals or corporations

Insurance Fraud Attorneys

Insurance fraud carries severe consequences and criminal penalties. A conviction of insurance fraud may have penalties ranging from mandatory restitution of lost income, loss of professional license, to a long prison sentence. If you’ve been convicted of insurance fraud, contact an insurance fraud attorney to defend you immediately.

How Can Insurance Fraud Attorneys Help You?

If you have been accused of insurance fraud, contact an insurance fraud attorney to protect your rights in court. Some of the ways an insurance fraud attorney may be able to help you include:

  • Negotiating charges to a reduced charge
  • Negotiating to a reduced sentence/punishment time
  • Prove your case to innocence at trial

Contact an attorney specializing in insurance fraud cases if you are accused of defrauding an insurance company. The insurance fraud attorney will help you in your representation including avoid criminal charges and any possible penalties.

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