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Throughout the United States many successful interracial adoptions occur, but conventional attitudes on interracial adoptions can be contentious.

The Multi-Ethnic Placement Act makes it unlawful to prohibit or delay an adoption based solely on the race of the adoptive parents or child, but there remains different schools of thought on how such adoptions should be accomplished.

Some policies prefer matching the race of the adoptive child to that of the adoptive parent. Other policies delay placing a child with a family of a different race until all efforts to find a family of the same race have been exhausted. Other policies recommend that race and ethnicity not be taken into consideration at all.

An Interracial Adoption Lawyer Can Help You Challenge Bias Against You

An attorney can explain to you the policy prevalent among the adoption agencies in your area and prepare you for possible resistance to your application due to your race and the race of the child you want to adopt.

An attorney may assist you in challenging decisions regarding your application to adopt if you feel you were treated unfairly on the basis of your race or if the decision violates federal or state laws.

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