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  • Brown & Trpis PLLC

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    Brown & Trpis PLLC, a reputable Legal Malpractice Law firm in Montana, serves the Columbia Falls area.

  • Paoli Fred Atty

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Get local legal help for your Legal Malpractice issues. Paoli Fred Atty assists clients in the Columbia Falls, Montana area.

  • Eiselein & Grubbs Pllp

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Eiselein & Grubbs Pllp, a local Columbia Falls firm specializing in Montana Legal Malpractice Law.

  • Delaney Dexter L Atty

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Select a local Columbia Falls, Montana firm for diligent Legal Malpractice representation.

  • Tweardy Melissa Atty

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Choose Tweardy Melissa Atty for qualified Legal Malpractice representation in the Columbia Falls, Montana area.

  • Buckley Law Office PC

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    Representing clients with Legal Malpractice issues in Montana, Buckley Law Office PC, a reputable law firm based in Columbia Falls.

  • Brown Kevin Atty

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Brown Kevin Atty can help you find legal solutions for your Legal Malpractice issue. The practice serves the Columbia Falls, Montana area.

  • Arndorfer Law Firm

    Legal Malpractice Attorney | Serving Columbia Falls, MT
    Connect with a local Columbia Falls, Montana firm for experienced Legal Malpractice legal representation.

Columbia Falls Legal Malpractice Information

Legal Malpractice Allegations

If you believe your lawyer negligently or recklessly represented you in a legal proceeding that resulted in an unfair or unjust outcome, you may have a valid claim of legal malpractice. A Columbia Falls Legal Malpractice Attorney can help you determine whether you have a case, and help you recover for your losses.

Legal Malpractice Cases

All lawyers are required to act diligently, ethically, and with vigor in their representation of clients. Unfortunately, various and often unforeseen circumstances can cause an attorney's representation to be less than adequate, which can result in actual harm and damages to a client. This is known as committing legal malpractice.

Common types of legal malpractice include missing court filings, failing to communicate, allowing conflicts of interest to persist, failure to know the law or perform research, misuse of client trust accounts, and client abandonment.

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney can often resolve your particular legal issue faster and better than trying to do it alone. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, while avoiding costly mistakes or procedural errors. You should seek out an attorney whose practice focuses on the area of law most relevant to your issue.

Tips on Approaching an Initial Attorney Consultation

  • Use the consultation as a means of gaining a better understanding of your legal situation.
  • Ask the attorney how many cases similar to yours he/she has handled. An attorney's experience and knowledge can speak to their expertise (or lack of) in addressing your situation.
  • Your attorney should be able to articulate roughly how long a case like yours will take to resolve and what sort of procedures to expect.
  • Determine how comfortable you are working with the lawyer and/or law firm.

Points to Consider Before Hiring a Lawyer

Experience. Regardless of the type of legal matter you need help with, an experienced attorney will usually be able to get you better results.

Competence. Determine an attorney's expertise by asking about their track record for the issue you need help with resolving.

Fit. There are plenty of good attorneys out there; make sure you find one you are comfortable working with.

Common legal terms explained

Pro se - This Latin term refers to representing yourself in court instead of hiring professional legal counsel. Pro se representation can occur in either criminal or civil cases.

Statute - Refers to a law created by a legislative body. For example, the laws enacted by Congress are statutes.

Subject matter jurisdiction - Requirement that a particular court have authority to hear the claim based on the specific type of issue brought to the court. For example, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court only has subject matter jurisdiction over bankruptcy filings, therefore it does not have the authority to render binding judgment over other types of cases, such as divorce.

Lead Counsel Rated Attorneys

Lead Counsel's objective process independently verifies attorney records, conferring with state bars across the country and conducting annual reviews to confirm that the attorney practices in the legal categories as indicated, possesses a valid bar license, and is eligible to practice in the specific jurisdiction.