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Meridia is a drug approved in the United States in 1997 and marketed for the purposes of weight loss. Meridia is administered as a prescription and alters the brain’s chemistry allowing the patient to feel satisfied after consuming fewer calories. This drug has prescribed to patients that are deemed clinically obese, or those with a BMI of 30 or more.

Unfortunately shortly after hitting the market the side effects of Meridia became apparent. The most notable side effects associated with Meridia are primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH), heart attacks, heart valve damage, cardiac valve dysfunction, and even death. Lawsuits allege that Abbott Laboratories should have known about potential fatal dangers and warned patients about its use.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

If you have taken Meridia and have suffered harm related to it, or if a close family relative has suffered harm, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling Meridia cases and has been successful in achieving monetary awards. It is important to take quick legal action before the statute of limitations applies as that would prevent you from ever filing a lawsuit in this matter.

What Can an Attorney Do in Meridia Cases?

Your attorney can analyze the circumstances and consequences of your Meridia® use and determine if you have a case and how strong of a case you have. Your attorney will have the contacts and resources to handle your case in a timely fashion and cost effective manner.
Part of the legal process is up to you. Your attorney will ask you to provide information and documentation of your Meridia use, the dosage, and detail the harm it caused you, when you first suspected the harm to you was related to Meridia use, and the expense you incurred in medically treating the harm and other related expenses such as time lost from work.
Armed with such detailed information and evidence, your attorney can write and file with the court a compelling complaint stating your case. Your lawyer, however, may advise you to join a class action lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories instead of suing on your own.
If it is in your better interest to bring your own lawsuit against Abbott, your lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation to develop evidence and the testimony of witnesses to prove that Abbott knew the risk and did not warn patients.
Your attorney may advise that you settle your lawsuit instead of taking your case to trial. A settlement is cost effective because you can avoid the expense of a trial and the possibility of a jury awarding a small amount of monetary damages

Contact a Meridia Lawyer Today for Help

When you call a Meridia attorney and provide your lawyer with your specific information, including any medical records, they will be able to explain the nature of your claim and what compensation you may be entitled to.  If your or someone you know has been harmed after taking Meridia it is important that you quickly take action by first contacting an experienced Meridia attorney. Lawyers handling Meridia cases have extensive experience in litigating bad drugs.

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