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Non-Immigrant Investor Visas

A person who wishes to invest in the United States is able to do so through several non-immigrant options. The two types of non-immigrant investor visas include the following:

  • B-1 for Business Visitors – Available to foreign nationals who wish to look into investing in some sort of business in the United States but who does not wish to live in the United States nor pull an income from the investment. This is usually used while a potential investor invesetigates their investment.
  • E-1 Visa for Treaty Traders – E-1 visas are available to people from qualifying countries that engage in a substantial amount of trade in the United States.
  • E-2 Visa for Treaty Investors – These are available to nationals of qualifying countries who invest a substantial amount of funds or assets in the United States.

Applying for and obtaining these kinds of visas can be a complicated process, and often the qualifying criteria are not clearly defined. As a result, it is important to retain an attorney who understands the process and has experience in successfully obtaining investor visas.

How a Non-Immigrant Investor Visa Attorney Can Help You

United States immigration law is a very complex area of law, add on top of that the difficulties of investing in a business and there are many opportunities to make mistakes in the visa application process. An experienced immigration attorney can help you prepare the required documentation, and will represent you in any dispute or misunderstandings that may arise. Some other ways in which a Non-immigrant investor visa attorney could help you include:

  • Determining for which non-immigrant investor visa or visas you may be eligible
  • Advise you on the benefits or downsides to particular types of visas
  • Investigate potential investments or ventures to ensure that they qualify under the visa requirements
  • Assist in obtaining additional visas for family members or dependents based on your investment visa qualification

In addition, a skilled attorney who has helped other clients obtain investor visas may be able to anticipate and avoid any issues that may arise in your application process. Anyone considering trying to obtain an non-immigrant investment visa should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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