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The drug Permax is used to restore the balance of dopamine, a chemical in the brain, to help people living with Parkinson’s disease improve their ability to move and reduce shakiness. Made by Eli Lilly & Co. and distributed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., Permax has been pulled from the U.S. market because it increases the risk of heart valve disease involving one of more heart valves. Heart valve replacement and deaths have been reported.

If you have taken Permax and have suffered or are suffering from heart valve disease you may be able to receive compensation by taking legal action against the drug’s maker.

Should I Hire a Permax Attorney?

Absolutely. Consult with an attorney specializing in Permax cases to determine if you have a viable case. Law firms handling Permax cases have much experience that may be beneficial to your particular situation.

Most attorneys provide their consultation at no charge and many attorneys will work on a contingency basis. They will be compensated by a percentage of the monetary damages you may be awarded.

Do not delay seeking legal counsel. You have a limited amount of time beginning from the realization you were harmed to file your lawsuit. That’s because of the statute of limitations. At the consultation, your attorney will tell you how much time you have to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations prevents you from bringing your lawsuit.

What Can a Permax Attorney Do?

Your attorney will build your case. The steps your lawyer will take include:

  • Documenting that you used Permax as prescribed;
  • Document the harm Permax caused from your medical records;
  • Determine your damages from medical expenses, other costs, and suffering.

Using the facts you provide and what your attorney has added from investigation, your attorney will file your lawsuit with the court.. Then your attorney will develop evidence, take depositions under oath from witnesses, make and respond to motions, and defend against the drugmaker’s attempts to keep beneficial evidence from being introduced at trial.

About 95 percent of civil cases are settled and do not go to trial. Your attorney will negotiate with the opposition to settle your case for a specific amount. Once the settlement is offered, you can to accept the settlement, renegotiate, or take the case to trial.

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