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Related Adoptions

The definition of a “related” adoption can vary from state to state, but in general a related adoption involves either or both adoptive parents who have a relationship to the child by blood or marriage. For example, a pregnant woman who decides to give up her child wants her sister-in-law to adopt the baby and the sister-in-law agrees.

Many other kinds of relatives can adopt in a related adoption, including step-parents, grandparents, step-grandparents, siblings, step-siblings, uncles, aunts, great-uncles, great-aunts, and first cousins.

A related adoption may move through family law court quickly when compared to other forms of adoption, even though the laws of related adoptions vary from state to state.

Should I Hire a Related Adoption Attorney?

To ensure the adoption process is complete and professionally presented, you should hire an experienced related adoption attorney to represent your interests in this specialized area of law.

Keeping an adoptive child in the family may seem relatively uncomplicated, but conflicts may arise and you need to be sure your interests and the best interests of the child are protected by qualified legal representation.

What Can a Related Adoption Attorney Do?

An adoption attorney can determine if your state’s laws recognize your relationship to the child and can help you meet any legal procedures required.

The related adoption process can be accelerated under certain conditions.  The process still can be rigorous. A streamlined process may eliminate the need for the customary study of your physical home, but as a prospective adopting relative, you and all other people living in your home will be investigated for criminal records and other indications of unfitness.

Your related adoption attorney can provide guidance when authorities investigate your past and present behavior, and that of others in your home. Your attorney also can ensure the investigation is conducted fairly.

Other Relatives Could Contest Your Application to Adopt

More than one relative may want to adopt the child. Your lawyer can help you put your best case forward and demonstrate how you are the better suited adoptive parent.

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