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Trust law can be very confusing without appropriate legal expertise. In fact, if you don't possess a complete understanding of applicable trust laws, it is necessary to work with a qualified trust attorney in order to ensure your activity is legal, and will be accepted by a judge if a situation dictates. One such issue that an attorney can help with is avoiding any issues of resulting trust, whether based on incomplete records, or if you are accused by a trustee of developing a trust in a less than forthcoming manner.

Understand Resulting Trusts

A resulting trust may be defined by a judge for a few reasons. Whatever the case, it is accepted that the goal of a trust ruled a resulting trust is for the purpose of unjust enrichment. A resulting trust, or trust attorney will help you to avoid any such judgment during the drafting process, or if you will serve as a trustee as part of a shared trust. A resulting trust attorney can also aid in building the best case, and offering the best direction if working through the ruling of a resulting trust.

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