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Single-Parent Adoption

You may think that a single person is not eligible to adopt, but the fact is that single parent adoptions happen all the time. The goal of adoption is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for a child to grow up in, and if that environment happens to be with a single parent, single parent adoption is certainly an option.

The requirements and standards for a single person to adopt are the same as for married couples. The single person should be able to provide a safe, loving permanent home and provide for the child’s emotional needs.

Issues Surrounding Single Parent Adoption

While there is no legal reason a single parent cannot adopt, you may encounter certain obstacles depending upon the adoption agency you go through:

  • An agency may refuse your adoption request or try to talk you out of it, or the birth mother may object.
  • Couples may receive preferential treatment regarding matching the parent’s desires with the child’s needs, for example a couple may be offered a younger or healthier child before a single person is.
  • You may be subject to more and more aggressive questioning and scrutiny by the adoption agency.

How a Single Parent Adoption Attorney Can Help You

If you are a single person considering adoption, a single-parent adoption attorney may help you:

  • Identify agencies specializing in or proponents of single-parent adoption;
  • Locate birth parents willing to consider a single adoptive parent and arrange a private adoption;
  • Assist in preparing and presenting your application to adopt;
  • Advise you on possible objections to your application and how to counter concern that a single parent cannot offer the financial security and stability of a two-parent home, or that the child will be deprived of perceived advantages of having a male and female parent.

To protect your rights as a potential single parent, it’s a good idea to hire a single parent adoption attorney. An attorney with expertise in single parent adoptions can help you navigate the issues and ease the process of adopting your child.

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