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SUVs are popular vehicles across the United States, marketed as safe, spacious and reliable, yet nearly all possess two glaring negative characteristics: a high center of gravity and narrow wheel base. This combination creates a vehicle that is more susceptible to tipping and rolling over. If you have been involved in a car accident that included an SUV rollover, or if you are an SUV manufacturer or engineer being accused of a design flaw resulting in repeated SUV rollovers, there are specializing SUV rollover attorneys who are well versed in the case history and have a detailed understanding of SUV rollovers.

Hiring SUV Rollover Attorneys

Attorneys specializing in car accidents will often be experienced with building cases on incidents involving SUV rollovers. SUV rollovers can and have occurred when drivers were merely driving an SUV in a manner it had been marketed to perform. If you have questions about the performance of your SUV during a rollover, you were in involved in an SUV rollover crash, or you are being charged with anything involving SUV rollovers, consider the counsel of a qualified auto accident attorney specializing in SUV rollovers.

These attorneys can investigate your situation and the claims brought against you, and gauge whether manufacturing negligence might was actually the cause for the accident. Your SUV rollover attorney will then help you build a strong defense that will hold up in court and provide legal advice throughout the process. Find an auto accident attorney who specializes in SUV rollovers in your area today.

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