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Talcum powder is a staple in many homes. This versatile powder is found in cosmetic products as well as body and face powders and, of course, baby powder. Unfortunately, what was once a go-to product to reduce moisture and soothe irritated skin, is now linked to ovarian cancer.

It has been determined that women who apply talcum powder to their genital area can be at an increased risk for ovarian cancer. The powder has been connected to causing cancer if it is inhaled as well.

Talcum Powder Attorneys

If you are faced with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer and have regularly used talcum powder, an attorney could potentially help you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Ovarian cancer is an extremely serious form of cancer and you deserve compensation for your injuries.

In addition to potential personal injury cases, family members who have lost a loved one to ovarian cancer can potentially still seek compensation for their loss in a wrongful death lawsuit. In order to know if you qualify for legal retribution, you must contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Rest assured that all information you provide an attorney is 100% confidential and he or she will be able to answer your legal questions and provide you with the advice you need.

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