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Should I Hire a Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney?

Tractor-trailer accident law can be very complicated since it involves a number of parties, severe injuries or fatalities and different laws from state-to-state. An experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney will know how to conduct a thorough investigation into the accident and determine the proper defense.

Important Factors in Tractor Trailer Accident Defense

Because tractor trailers are so much larger than standard automobiles, there are important factors that must be considered when you are hiring an attorney:

  1. Because most tractor trailers are insured through commercial insurance policies, some insurance companies will hire a third-party claims company to investigate the accident. Therefore, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you are protected once the third party becomes involved.
  2. Since commercial insurance policies are more complicated than standard auto policies, it is important to hire an attorney who is experienced with accidents involving commercial policies.
  3. Frequently, accidents involving tractor-trailers involve multiple parties such as one commercial carrier owning the truck while another owns the cargo trailer. In addition, the truck could be owned by an individual while the cargo trailer is commercially owned. Because of this, your attorney must be able to review all contracts made between the parties to determine liability.
  4. Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents often result in catastrophic injuries requiring major surgery and/or lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. Therefore, it is important that your attorney have a good understanding of the medical system.

If you have been involved in a tractor-trailer accident, search for an experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney in your area today to help you understand the laws surrounding your case and ensure you have proper legal representation in court.

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