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Zoning is the government’s regulation of land use. If your property is affected by zoning and you need to appeal to the government for an exception to zoning laws or if you need to challenge zoning laws, it is important to consult with a zoning relief attorney who has knowledge of the zoning ordinances for the jurisdiction in which you live.

Options for Zoning Relief

When a zoning ordinance is put into place that changes the type of zone where your property is located, your legal options may include:

  • Continuing Existing Use – states that when a business is currently carried out on the property, the owner may continue that use without interruption if certain circumstances apply
  • Zoning Variance – states that the owner would experience a hardship if he or she confirmed to the new zoning ordinance
  • Master Plan Challenge – states if the zoning ordinance does not conform to a pre-existing “Master Plan” of the area, a property owner may be granted an exception

Because the government has the power to regulate land use and determine zoning, they are frequently upheld in legal actions regarding zoning relief. Therefore, if you are a property owner pursuing a zoning relief claim, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced land use attorney in your area rather than taking the law into your own hands.

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